Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Experiment Early & Often

Well I'm feeling much better after last night's post. I haven't felt that introspective in a while. Sometimes it helps to just get it all down and out of brain, even if I don't have the answers yet.

I've been doing pretty well with my food attempts since I last updated. I had a couple of rough days last week but am totally back on track now. What I'm finding is most important is to enjoy my planned nights out but to make sure all my meals on my own are as healthy as I can manage. Here's a bit of the "balance":

Tom had his annual pumpkin party last weekend and it was so fun! We had a ton of pumpkin beer and everyone had to bring a food item that either tasted like, was shaped like, or was the color of pumpkin!

I made pumpkin shaped quesadillas and cut the tortillas into these shapes!
Orange buffalo chicken dip
17 different pumpkin beers!

All the yummy food
Last Sunday I attended my friend's pop-up dinner called Kitchen Kibitz. I wrote a lot about it on yelp so I'll stick to the photos here.

This past weekend I went out to dinner with my friends to Tip Tap Room and ordered this amazing lamb dish with goat cheese mashed potatoes. I decided to take it easy on the drinks and instead order what I wanted at dinner. A good decision all around!!

And now, for the balance. Here's what I've been eating on the regular:

This last picture was dinner last night and I am super proud of it! I went food shopping on Sunday and did a lot of prep work over the past few days. I made:
- mashed cauliflower (head of cauliflower, a tsp each of butter and olive oil, garlic, thyme and chives)
- hard boiled eggs
- roasted sweet potatoes
- homemade larabars (same receipe as last time + honey)
- lunches for the week
- crockpot pulled pork (pork loin + 1 can of beef broth in the crockpot on low for 9 hours, bbq added to taste after shredding)

I've also been pretty happy on the fitness side lately, despite my complaints last night of how long it's taking to feel in shape. I've been trying some new things and keeping up with the old things:

- 11/5: tried a cardio boxing class at the gym. It was awesome! I was the only new person in the class (there was only 5 of us) so the instructor was on top of me. The best part was getting to punch the bag as hard as possible while he held it and yelled at me. Hah.
- 11/7: tried a free barre class at Athleta on Newbury Street. This was a lot harder than expected! Who knew pulsing up and down on your toes for 60 minutes would kill so much?
- 11/9: went to Harvard Stadium and went up and down the sections for 45 minutes. I completed 14 sections. This was so hard and seriously felt like torture. I had a mini breakdown about 10 minutes in but pushed through, even though my legs were shaking out of my shoes and I felt like I was going to puke. By the end I was literally pulling myself up the stairs with my arms. I was completely out of commission for the next few days and could barely walk.
- 11/14: my legs were finally 100% so I did a few rounds of the 7 minute workout + some random exercises.
- 11/15: same as above.
- 11/16: went on a two hour hike with Tom at the Noanet Woodlands in Dover.

-11/18: Total Body Strength class at the gym. This class is definitely getting more manageable, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to do the 50 lunges in a row on each leg. I dread it from the second class starts. Right now I can get to 30, then pause for 2 lunges, pause for 1 lunch at 43 then can *just* make it to 50. It's so hard!

I also recently bought myself a stand up desk attachment for work. I'm aiming to stand for 3-4 hours per day and will work my way up. It feels so good to not be sitting all day! I definitely feel like I'm just generally moving more and I'm hoping this prevents any lower back pain that I sometimes suffer from.

It's nice that I can easily move my laptop from one place to the other whenever I want. Surprisingly, after a while I don't even realize I'm standing!

The blue and pink picture right next to my laptop is a little card my boss gave me a while ago. It says "Experiment early and often. Don't be afraid to go first." I like that I can see it now when I work. I can always use a little extra inspiration throughout the day!

Tonight I'm going to the boxing class again and I'm considering the barre class again on Thursday. It starts at 8 which is kind of annoying because it's right near my work. Perhaps I'll plan ahead and eat dinner here or go shopping. We'll see!


  1. Wow! All of your food and exercise posts sound GREAT! And damn, you just made me feel grateful for something I never thought I'd feel grateful towards.... standing 7-8 hours a day!!! I don't even have a desk :-( But everyone has their own problems I guess.... my feet are like permanently in pain from standing all day long for the past 8 years... but now that I read your post I guess it would suck to sit all day. Awesome idea with the attachment!!!!

    1. The grass is always greener, right!? I can't imagine having to stand all day every day. I feel lucky that I can go back and forth as I please. My back, neck and butt are already happier too!