Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Feeling Positive

Hi all! I'm feeling really good and determined today. I've officially passed the 30 pounds lost mark since I made the decision to lose weight last year! I've been tracking my food and exercise just about every day since October 24 and the weight has been coming off, slowly but surely. It took me 6+ months to do it, but I don't care at all and am just going to let myself feel proud today!

That being said, I have 3.5 pounds to lose before my final DietBet weigh in on June 10. I REALLY want to make this goal and am going to be diligent over the next few weeks to do so. My body didn't exactly comply with the Diet Bet date restrictions (I only won the first round and have been slightly behind each round since then) but I really think I can meet this last goal.

The best part about losing these 30 pounds is that I've rarely felt like I'm depriving myself -- I think that's hugely related to how slowly I've lost it. Still, losing weight is HARD, and it's taken a significant effort to change some of my habits. Some other things that have helped me lose these 30 pounds:

- Making exercise a real part of my life and a PRIORITY, and working out 5-6 times/week.
- Planning my meals weekly and food shopping consistently on Sundays/Mondays.
- Giving myself some flexibility with my meal plans (especially on weekends) so I don't feel deprived.
- Making time to try out new restaurants in Boston and planning my weekly/daily eats around it. Finding this balance is a huge struggle for me, and I feel like I've done pretty well with it!
- Drinking a ton of water. I typically drink three 32 oz bottles while I'm at work, and then more once I get home.
- Identifying foods that make me want to binge and keeping them out of the house/finding alternatives.
- Staying away from alcohol. I definitely still drink for special occasions and will get a cocktail/good beer if I really want one, but for the most part I don't drink casually or very often.
- Defining success for myself outside of the scale. Since I was losing weight slowly, I had to recognize success in other ways to keep myself motivated -- dropping pant sizes/inches, upping weight in strength training, running further/faster, making all my scheduled gym sessions, finding and making a new healthy recipe, choosing to eat healthy at trivia every Tuesday, etc.

- Finding new weight loss blogs for extra motivation. I've talked about this before, but I don't have many peers who have had/have to lose a very significant amount of weight. It can get lonely when you don't have anyone who can really be empathetic and shares your fears/struggles/accomplishments. I've found some new blogs to follow where I find myself nodding along constantly. It's been a great tool!
- Trying my best to keep anger out of the picture. Weight loss can be frustrating, and I used to get so pissed when I would order something healthy and others wouldn't. Today, whenever I decide what to eat I think, "I eat what I want and so do they." It's an active choice we are all making. If I eat things that make me feel good and have benefits for my body, it's because I chose to. No one is forcing me into this and it's about time I recognize that these are positive choices that should make me happy.

I still have a ways to go weight loss wise, but I'm glad I took a moment today to just celebrate this. Fingers crossed I have good news to share in a few weeks!!